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This update, we’ll be talking about a bunch of different subjects. Hopefully we keep some form of logical flow going on there.

Let’s proceed!

Main Menu  &  Continue Option

The main menu scene has been implemented. Of course, right now, it’s simplistic, but it will become pretty neat further in development. The important part here was that I could load save files, which will then bring us to the correct chapter, and give units their correct stats. growths, etc. along the way.

This is also where game play settings and controls will be edited. Later, these will, of course, be editable during game play by opening the in-game menu.



Level Up

I also implemented the experience and leveling up system. It takes into account multiple factors like the level difference between your unit and the enemy unit as well as skill activation, enemy class and so forth. The basic algorithm is in place, but depending on the complexity of the combat system, more variables could be added to this algorithm,

The level up will be accompanied by a character personalized quote, based on the amount of stats that went up.

In the background, we can see the fighting scene which wasn’t shown before for a very simple reason : Beforehand, we did the calculations, then showed/hid the scene instantly. Now, since the exp will be awarded right after the battle, it is shown. It also shows the fight scene scale which will be used to mimic the feel from old school Fire Emblems in 3D.



Talk Mechanic

This is something which requires your opinion before finalizing. So please do tell me your opinion in the  comments below or on reddit :

Do you want a visual cue to be shown before moving your unit showing which units can be talked to? As of now, when the player hovers the talk option, an exclamation mark is shown over the character with which your unit can talk. This could very well be implemented before movement if this is an interesting mechanic from the player point of view.

  • On one side, every conversation feels more like an unlockable secret;
  • On the other, it feels like a poor man’s way of raising the game difficulty.

So please do tell me your opinion on the matter. If you have any other alternative to the system, I’m also all ears!


In Video

This is the video showcasing this week’s update.

Note that everything in this video is prone to change as it is a development build. Also, this isn’t in the Unity Editor now, but in a full screen published version.


Character teasers

As we are getting more and more early concept arts for characters, I figured it could be a good idea to tease one character per Game Development Update.

As of next week, I will reveal the previous character’s class as well as ask your guess on the current one!

This week : Denault





As usual, have a good day,


Main Menu, Load Game, Level Up and Talk System

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