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Today I’m showcasing the Shove feature which was just implemented as well as the Refresh mechanic, which has a twist compared to other tactical RPGs. Stay tuned to find out!


Shove Action

Although I liked the Shove mechanics in Fire Emblem : Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, I felt like the mechanic was a bit too central to the game and allowed some shove abuse, which was game breaking, slightly overpowered and made some parts of the game too easy if we Shove-abused and too hard if we didn’t. Which is why this system aims to balance the shove function.

First, a unit can only be shoved once per turn (even if it’s refreshed). An icon (currently just a word) showing that the unit has been shoved will appear after the action. It will disappear after the end of the player phase.

Second, mounted units (flying or otherwise) will not be able to shove or be shoved. Their movement is high enough as it is.

Finally, rough terrain, like forests, mountains and deserts will not be shovable to. For instance, if a unit is in a forest tile, it can be shoved. But it cannot be shoved into a forest tile. This part was implemented to better control the shove possibilities in chapters where movement is limited.

Hopefully it allows for clutch strategies in your playthroughs of WNHK!

Refresh Action 

In Wicked Night : Holy Knights, there will be two refreshing units. Manolo, the bard and Kalia, the dancer. Both will refresh all units around them and will have a different special action. (If two refreshing units are too game breaking, they will only refresh one unit, but until testing, they refresh every unit around them). Of course, they can’t refresh each other to be broken.

  • Manolo’s special action is Defense Ballad, which will boost a nearby target unit’s def/res by half of Manolo’s respective stats (rounded down). Manolo’s caps are of 20, so he can potentially boost a unit’s def/res by 10 for a turn instead of refreshing units.
  • Kalia’s special action is Power Dance, which will boost a nearby target unit’s str/mag by half of Kalia’s respective stats. Her caps are of 20 too, so she has the potential to boost a unit’s str/mag by 10 for a turn.

Both will start with 4 in their boost stats, which will give a bonus of 2 as they are recruited.


Character teaser

Last week, I teased Milo, the Mage.

This week, Roshin.

You can guess what class he will be in this class diagram.


Shove and Refresh

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