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Lately, I’ve been mostly working on the story and character arcs, but I still managed to bring the inventory system to life, which I’ll explain in details in the following post. Make sure to make it to the end as there will be a double character teaser.

Inventory System



The inventory is split in two categories, weapons and items and a single unit cannot carry more than 3 of each (anything else that was picked up during a chapter will be either transferred to the convoy or dropped, based off of the player’s actions). The goal with this mechanic is to make the player use the battle preparation menu to its fullest and make sure he equipped his units with the correct weaponry before the chapter begins.

Note: Contrarily to Fire Emblem, Pickpockets and Thieves can still Steal if their inventory is full, it will be shipped to the convoy as if he opened a chest.

Note 2 : These Hand Axe stats aren’t the correct ones, but merely a placeholder for now since the inventory isn’t linked to the weapon database yet.

Speaking of which, I’ll explain the specifics of the weapon database and the weapon system itself.


Weapon System


This is what I play with on my side. Don’t worry, I’ll explain the more important parts in a minute.

Wexp: Each weapon gives a different amount of Wexp. Usually, the more exotic/big the weapon is the more Wexp it gives.
Rank: This one speaks for itself. The game system transforms the letter in numbers to see if the unit can wield it.
Mt/Wt/Hit/Crit: These are the four basic weapon stats in Fire Emblem and are still found in WNHK.
Avo: Not only do weapons affect avoid based off of their weight, but some weapons grant pure avoid. This is mostly used by knives and light weapons though.
Min/Max Range: This stat will be static per weapon. Even siege weaponry will not be based off Mag/Str/Skl to determine max range as it is too hard to balance out with 3 tier system and can lead to humongous range with high tier 3 caps.
CanDouble: This is mainly used for 1 weapon of each type (Great Sword, Great Axe, etc.) which is a weapon so big you cannot double hit with it, no matter your AS (however you might get double attacked back). It has high Mt in exchange. If 1-2 range weapons are too strong, I might use this to make changes similar to Fates where 1-2 range weapons can’t double attack.
Anim:  To keep the animations fluid and still give me a creativity margin for weapon designs. Each class will have two animations per weapon type. One for smaller weapons and one for bigger weapons.
Magical/Magic Type: Not only can weapons deal magical damage, they can also interact with the magic triangle.
Percent: This will mostly be used by staves, some will use a lower fraction of the Mag stat in exchange for a higher base heal (which is useful for classes like Paladins who receive Staves, but aren’t all well versed in the Magic stat.
StatModifiers: Affects stats when weapon is equipped.
StatusInflicted/Removed: I’ll add more statuses than the FE franchise. Some will be buffs, debuffs, damage over time, heal over time, etc.
SelfStatusInflicted: For weapons that are very strong, but require a low weapon rank, they will be balanced with a negative effect happening when used. For instance a powerful magic weapon might leave you fatigued after using it, lowering your skill and speed.

As you can see, the weapon system allows for cool weapon customization and creative ideas, which will encourage the player to use the appropriate weapon in every situation.


Character Teaser

As promised, here is the double character teaser!

Last time, I teased Sahara the Apprentice.

This time, Kalia and Jonah.

I’m showcasing two characters this week since Kalia isn’t fair game for the class guessing game as she is the dancer. You’re welcome to leave your guesses either in the comment section below or on the reddit post regarding Jonah!



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Inventory System and Double Character Teaser

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