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This update is super packed in terms of technical advancements, so let’s get to it right away!

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Chests have finally been implemented in the project! For now, only units with the Lockpick ability (Pickpockets and all of their promotions) can open them, but in future updates, every unit will be able to open them with keys, even though these will be scarce.

That being said, Lockpick is officially the first skill to actually be working and to be taken into account by the system!

Since inventory slots are limited, a convoy will be created as well in future updates. The convoy will have unlimited spaces and will be available from the first chapter with battle preparation.


Note : Opening chests/doors and stealing will grant thieves EXP in future updates.



Reinforcements have been implemented as well! They will always arrive at the end of the enemy phase, which means that same turn enemy reinforcements will not be a thing. I’d rather have stronger enemies who need to survive player phase before moving than have cheap enemy reinforcements appear out of nowhere and kill your units who -as far as the player knew- were protected.

This holds true on every difficulty mode that will be available.



Healing Terrain

Healing terrain is now a thing! Forts (currently) heal for 10% of the unit’s max HP when sitting on it when HP is missing. As we decided with my last poll, damage over time will be calculated after healing (both from skills and terrain).

You can see all these new mechanics in action with my newly uploaded video :



  • Fixed an issue where you could put multiple units on the same tile.
  • Fixed an issue where fliers had movement penalties from flying over forests, forts, but could still fly over water.
  • Fixed an issue where healing delay was forced when a unit was standing on a fort even though this unit still had full HP.


Character Teaser

Last week, I teased Kalia, the Dancer, and Jonah, the Cutthroat.

This week, Yvain!

As usual, you can guess what class he will be in this class diagram.



Thank you all for your support throughout the project !


Chests, Reinforcements and Healing Terrain

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