Hello everyone, Today, I have some news regarding dialogs and cutscenes as well as allied character recruitments. dialog Dialog and Cutscenes Currently, the basic functions of regular cutscenes are present. The characters who are present in the scene but not currently speaking are slightly darker, the text is animated (and the text animation can be skipped by pressing the Accept key) and the end of the conversation triggers whatever is necessary based off of the source of the cutscene (village, house, intro, etc.). Features that are planned

  • Dynamic/contextual portraits
  • Varying text boxes based off of the context
  • Voice acting
  • Way better script writing than this test

Note : This background and these portraits are placeholders. recruitmentAllied Recruitment

Malcolm will start as an allied unit and his recruitment in the video below is merely a test staging, however I feel like this is a great opportunity to mention how units will be recruited in Wicked Night.

Of course, there will be the traditional Talk option to converse with Green units or Enemy units as well as units who join automatically between chapters, but I feel like characters joining your party will have to reflect how you play the game.

For instance, some characters will only join if some conditions are met at the moment where they are being talked to. It won’t be as tedious and hidden as recruiting Karla in Fire Emblem 7, but it will make sense, both from a gameplay standpoint and from a story standpoint. Some enemies will have to be spared and some allies will need to be protected carefully in order to have a fully fledged army.

That being said, here is the video showing the first version of the dialog window as well as allied recruitments.

Character Teaser

Last week, I teased Yvain, the Sword Squire.

This week is a special week, Randolph is one of the main character of the game, as such he will have his own unique class. What do you think will be his weapon of choice?




Dialog and Allied Recruitment

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