Hello everyone, in these past few weeks, I’ve been working on revamping the battle menu to look more complete. I also have a special announcement at the end of the update, so keep your eyes peeled!

battle menu


Battle Menu

Here is  the new version of the battle menu, which you can compare with the old one.

Here are a few pointers regarding how it works.

Hp, Wpn, Dmg, Hit and Crit will all work like their Fire Emblem counterparts, with True Hit included for Hit calculations.

Non-Combat Skills like Inspire will show up as faded out, because they do not affect combat at all.

Active Skills like Lethality will show up with a “!” Icon (which hasn’t been implemented yet) to show that it might affect the combat outcome. The trigger rate has been added right next to it as well.

Passive Skills like Avoid +10% will show up with a “checkmark” Icon to show that it has affected the battle calculations shown in the top half of the screen. This also includes Passive Skills with certain requirements like Wrath (HP <50%). Note that if the requirements aren’t met yet, they will be shown with a “!” Icon since it might affect the battle outcome later on.

Items will come in all shapes and sizes, all with their own pros and cons. Some will affect battle (prevent certain weaknesses, grant skills or boost stats while held) while others will not (alter growth rates, heal on turn start, etc.), which means that selecting the perfect item for each characters will be crucial for certain strategies.



Over the last few days, I’ve been talking with the very talented Mklachu about Wicked Night : Holy Knights and she has agreed to work with us on an OST.

I am incredibly thrilled about this and I hope you are too! OSTs are pretty much the reason why some games remain in fond places in our memory and I really want to have a great one. I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified for the task. Make sure to give her your full support, folks!

If you want to hear more from her, or if you didn’t know about her (shaaaaaaaaame on you), click on these thumbnails to hear a few VGM covers of hers.

Bravely Default – Four Heroes Medley


Ys I&II Chronicles – To Make The End Of Battle


Skyloft – Skyward Sword



Character Teaser

Last week, I teased Randolph, the Prince. Who is one of the main characters in the story and he will wield a Lance.

This week, it’s time to show the visual update for Bjorn, who looked too friendly and not rugged enough.




As always, thanks a lot for your support throughout this project,


Battle Menu and Announcements

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