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In the last few weeks, I’ve been setting up the ground works for the insertion of battle animations as well as the official Facebook page. I’ll go in depth in the following post.

Battle Animations

As I mentioned earlier, I set up the ground works for battle animations and, to do so, I had to rethink how battle calculations were handled.

For anyone interested in the technical aspect, here goes :

Earlier, the battle outcome was calculated as it happened, which was simpler to code (hence why I did it as a first draft), but would lead to further complications down the road. Now, I calculate the battle outcome right as the animation starts and then send the battle result to the animation function while I continue other calculations as needed.

The biggest benefit from this pre-battle calculation is that, if the player defeats an enemy unit, I can use the animation’s time window to regenerate the potential movement options for units who haven’t finished their turn yet since they can now move past that enemy unit.

Another smaller benefit is that any computer that has issues with processing those calculations will not lag during battle (and thus limit potential crashes and game freezes).

All in all, the ground is now set for insertion of official battle animations in due time as the battle data is all sent to the function, including crits, misses, no damage, skills, weapons and so on.



Facebook Page

Wicked Night finally has an official Facebook page! (with a gorgeous Christmas themed banner featuring our three protagonists)

If you’re hyped for the project, this is the perfect opportunity to show your support by leaving a like. As the game progresses, I’ll be dropping some smaller updates regarding visuals, mechanics as well as OST advancements.

I’ll also ask there for help when it comes to hardware/software tests : If you want to make sure the game works smoothly on your machine, no matter your setup, make sure to follow the project there and leave feedback.

You might even learn some stuff in advance!


Character Teaser

Last time, I showed Bjorn’s new fiercer look.

Today, I present Clara, the Pegasus Rider.



Have a nice day!


Start of Battle Animations and Official Facebook Page

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