Hello everyone!

Lately, I’ve been working on file saving and code optimization as well as prepping up the basic test environments.

Saving Data

I had created the base for the save files, but most of it is now complete.

For a single character, it looks like this (just in case you were curious about how it works under the hood) :

xml character


This might be altered once I add the option to watch as unit’s class history and a split between character skills and class skills.

All in all, data is now saved in a temporary file once the chapter is over and then force-saved at the end of a chapter. The second step will be replaced with the save menu where you can choose to save the game in any save slot or to continue without saving.

Code Optimization  

I cleaned up several parts of the code (mostly when either animations or maths are included), which actually led to faster processing. I got rid of some depreciated methods when it came to array manipulations (Arrays are a list of variable grouped under the same variable name).

I also fixed some bugs with Enemy AI : It crashed when the target had no weapons. Now it even has a small priority bonus to attack vulnerable targets, so protect your support units well!

Small Update on the Class tree

The class tree has been altered to add the Scholar branch in the magic tree.

The Scholar will study in the arts of Light Magic and serve as an offensive magical unit who tends to have low constitution but high damage output, making it a great back line unit.

It promotes to either a Bishop or an Adept, the Adept wields Light and Elemental magic and promotes to Warlock or Illusionist.

The Warlock is the most versatile of the offensive magic unit as it can wield Light, Elemental and Dark magic and tends to have more balanced growths while the Illusionist gains Bows and makes use of magical bows better than any other class.

This branch was added both by popular demand and for balancing purpose.

First Tests

Now is the time for the first tests for the game! Here is how you can help me with the game’s development :

  1. Download the correct version (PC, Mac);
  2. Open the application;
  3. Use the arrow keys and X (accept) and C (cancel) to control the cursor;
  4. Select Continue, then the first file;
  5. Use the arrow keys and Z (more info), X (accept) and C (cancel) to control the cursor;
  6. Send your feedback via Facebook or Reddit;

Note : Once you defeat Malcolm,  the game stops (as there is no other map to load (yet), simply close the game with Alt + F4 or any other way)

This is a very early build of the game, so things are bound to be pretty funky. Any feedback is appreciated!


Character Teaser

Last time, Clara, the Pegasus Rider was showcased.

Today, Lucas, the Apprentice.

We are also trying out a more in-depth approach for the teasers, leave your comments on that subject too!



Saving Data, Code Optimization and First Tests

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