Hey everyone!

Following the last update, I fixed a lot of bugs, added a couple of features and did some pretty neat updates. Check out the details below!

Character Caps Modifiers



Cecilia and Yvain will be the Abel/Cain archetypes for Wicked Night and their caps show exactly that! Yvain has more Str/Def while Cecilia has more Skl/Spd. HP cap will not be affected by anything, but every other cap is fair game. Tier 1 HP cap is 40, tier 2 HP cap is 60 and tier 3 HP cap is 80.

So, in recap, classes have their own growths modifiers and units have their own caps modifiers, which means you’ll be able to experiment with multiple combo with the split promotion tree.


Smaller new features

  • Chapter Data has been implemented, which will allow to link between chapters instead of the current “hard coded” feature.
  • Thieves can now open doors with their skill “Pickpocket”
  • Magical weapons now use Mag and targets Res


Upgraded features 

  • Terrain data has been optimized to lower lag potential
  • Cursor movement is now smoother
  • After killing an enemy, the pathfinding function has been optimized to prevent lag



Following your feedback from the latest update, there has been quite a bit of bugs that were found. Here is a list of what has been fixed!

  • Game froze after cancelling Item or Shove action
  • Chest pop up disappeared too quickly (not even visible) after opening a chest
  • Knives hit 4 times instead of the correct 3 (only the first attack is doubled)
  • Knives doubled even if the first hit of the round killed the target
  • Forgotten text box in the bottom-left now displays Kill/Death ratio as Win/Loss
  • Fixed graphical bug where refreshing a unit, then quickly selecting it displayed only attack tiles, not movement tiles
  • Fixed bug where if two GameObjects had the same name, attack range was miscalculated
  • Fixed freeze that would occur if there was no enemy reinforcement between turns
  • Fixed freeze that would occur after defeating an enemy
  • Fixed enemy AI so it prevents two enemies from standing on the same tile

Thanks a lot to anyone who helped test out the first chapter! You’ve been a great help!


Next Chapter Update

You could see in the post thumbnail that I’ve been working on a new chapter which was supposed to be ready for today’s Update, but with the amount of content left to do, it will be pushed to next Update instead.

My goal is to give you the impression of a complete chapter, which will include two potential victory conditions, enemy reinforcements, smarter AI and a side objective.

I’ve been working on the enemy AI to add multiple strategies for units instead of the suicidal AI they had before. It will also allow specialized units to have different branching behaviours if their original target has changed.

Keep your eyes peeled for an update soon!


Character Teaser

Last time, Lucas, the Apprentice was revealed.

Today, I have something special for you : A teaser of the first 3D model of the game. It’s still early in development, but it’s reassuring to see that the cubes will soon be replaced by actual units!



Thanks a lot for your ongoing support, everyone!

P.S. We’re also working on a new Facebook banner, make sure to see it first by liking our Facebook page.

New features, new chapter progress, new member on the team and bugfixes

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