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In the last few weeks, we have made some progress with the 3D model for Mercenaries as well as with the first official chapter design. Bugs were fixed and upgrades were made as well. But I digress, the rest will be explained below.

Enemy AI

Enemy AI has been changed tremendously in the last few days (and will change even more in the next week). I’ll explain what I have done so far and what I plan to add on top of it.

I added the Squad System where enemies belong to squads and events can trigger some behavioral changes to a group of units. Some events will trigger an entire squad to advance while other squads will remain defensive, but will advance if one of them is alerted. Usually, they try to stick together until provoked.

I also added the Behavioral Queue where a unit can be assigned multiple behaviors which are ordered by priority. For example : A thief will try to reach chests before stealing items before attacking/escaping.

The algorithm for selecting a target from all potential targets is pretty good since it factors super effective damage, counter potential, damage delt, etc. (Although Super Effective Damage isn’t programmed in the actual battle calculations yet), but the algorithm for units who try to advance without an instantly clear purpose is still clunky, give it time, it will be pretty effective soon though!


3D Progress


Also this is the current progress for the Mercenary class’ 3D model. These are just basic textures and the detail isn’t finalized yet, but it shows the direction we want to take concerning the art style during battle. By the next update, expect a textured version !

Note : The shoulder pad has been removed from the left version for rigging purpose. It will be back in the final version.


Testing Chapter 1-07


Just like last time, you can test the current version of the chapter.

  1. Download the correct version (PC, Mac);
  2. Open the application;
  3. Use the arrow keys and X (accept) and C (cancel) to control the cursor;
  4. Select Continue, then the first file;
  5. Use the arrow keys and Z (more info), X (accept) and C (cancel) to control the cursor;
  6. Send your feedback via Facebook or Reddit;

Note : Unit balance doesn’t seem right (and it’s normal). This is the first chapter that’s being developed, but it’s the 7th chapter in the game. Malcolm, as a Jagen and Clayton, as the most recent unit to join your rank will be the strongest units at the moment.

Note 2 : Lorelei is currently useless as staves haven’t been programmed in the game yet.

Note 3 : There is nothing programmed after the Victory message. You can Alt+F4 away if you want to quit the game.

Note 4 : There are more to be added to the chapter in future updates, including : A recruitable character, breakable walls, an enemy pickpocket and more reinforcements!





I also started with the current lore of the Royal Families (which is kept blurry on purpose for spoiler purposes due to the small notes beside important characters). It will clearly be expanded upon to bring a rich world to the player!


Bugfixes and Patch Notes 

  • Enemy AI no longer skips the first unit (slight indexing mistake)
  • Enemy units no longer stack on the same tile if they have nowhere else to go
  • Enemies now disappear if they die during enemy phase
  • It is no longer possible to Shove units outside of the limits of the map
  • Pressing Accept on an allied unit who finished their turn did nothing, now it opens the General Menu (the one with End Turn, etc.)
  • Smoothed camera movement during Enemy Phase

Character Teaser

There are no character teaser this update, but there will be a special (and double) reveal next time!

However, we did post an early sketch of a new character concept on our Facebook Page last week, go check it out for more behind the scenes and quick updates!


As usual, thank you for your time,


3D and First Real Chapter Progress & More

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