Hello people!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on quite a few features and gameplay mechanics as well as some visual improvements on the Battle HUD. Check out the details below!

Battle HUD

Where before, it was only a placeholder label for hp, unit name and weapon name, we now have a simplistic yet complete HUD showing the basic stats for the battle.

Note : I might add an option where you can still see the Skill activation rates if you guys think it can be useful.



Three types of consumables are now functional : Door Keys, Healing Salves and Statboosters.

They are pretty straight forward, so I won’t linger on explanations. You can see how to interact with them in the video below.

Note: The next items to be added will be items that can be equipped, either to boost stats, growths or negate weaknesses. 


Destructible Walls

Certain walls are now destructible!

Sometimes, they will be there to your advantage by opening a path to side objectives or shortcuts to the chapter objectives, but sometimes the enemy AI will use them to flank your units or put you into a tight situation.


True Stats

I started using the true stats in battle calculations where Weapon Stat Modifiers are taken into account, which also opens the path to equip items with modifiers and skills.

As such, I’ll be starting to work on skills that affect battle outcome, like Relentless (% of chance to add an attack) or Wrath (When under 50% HP, boosts Crit Rate by 50%). Stay tuned for some more skills (So far, there are more than 50 diverse and useful personal skills planned)



In Video

It has been a while since I showed any progress under video form, so here goes. All of the points stated above are in this video.


New Class Tree

I’m currently working on a new (clearer and cleaner) class tree, here is a preview with the Militia line.


Note : Keep in mind that stats are always prone to change, but the basic idea of each class is pretty distinct to allow further replayability and deeper strategies. 


Character Teaser

As promised, here is the double teaser for the GDU, Charles, the Squire and Nailah, the Wyvern Rider.


Also, for those who missed it Randolph’s father and uncle’s first sketches have been published on our Facebook Page as well as on our brand new Twitter Page.

That is all for today, have a nice day,


Battle HUD, Consumables and Breakable Walls

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