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Today is an importan day to mark on your calendar! Wicked Night celebrates the end of its first full year of development today, on April 2nd. Today’s game development update will feature some of the overall progress made throughout the year as well as some new content, so brace yourself! Make sure to make it to the end to hear the first track from the OST!

Anniversary Recap

Although the entire cast of playable characters hasn’t been fully designed yet, some characters have gone through some pretty intense design changes throughout the past year and I felt like today was a good day to highlight the technical progress made by the project’s artist. Here is the most notable one, Jonah, who went through a pretty deep identity crisis amidst the art style changes and storyboard drafts.


This just goes to show how much the project has improved in the past year. I can’t wait to see how the game will turn out after another year of development.

However, said progress wasn’t limited to design. It also shows in the system’s core.

Here is a quick nostalgia-filled video of my first real milestone where I managed to move a unit in a grid-like pattern way back in early April 2015.


In comparison, the bigger features that have been implemented since then include :

  • Battle calculations
  • Terrain Movement Penalty
  • Flier Movement
  • Enemy AI
  • Battle animation system
  • Breakable walls, doors and chests
  • Shoving units
  • Healing terrain
  • Refreshing units
  • Villages/Houses
  • Talking to units
  • Level Ups w/ Growths
  • Healing and Stat boosting Items
  • and much more…

This year was a fruitful year in terms of development, but it will not end there. I have many more features to add to this project and I hope you’ll stay with us until the end because I have a lot planned for this year regarding the project.

Battle Preparations

Let’s begin the newer content with an overview of the current version of the Battle Preparations Screen. I’m going for functionality first and foremost before going into a more sophisticated design, quite similarly to how I handled Battle Calculation’s old version when compared to the current version (which still has room for improvement).


However, since the left side of the screen is pretty standards (barring some functions in the left menu that will be explained in another update), I’ll focus on the noteworthy features from the right side, which is named the Unit Overview block.


  1. The basic information regarding the current character. Shows current level, class tier, portrait, weapon exp., etc.
  2. The “Supported by” feature* is a new addition to WNHK. Since support conversations are unlimited (with the only restriction being one S Rank support per pair of character), they will be balanced with this feature, which limits a unit’s support bonuses to a maximum of 3 per chapter. These bonuses do not have to be reciprocal and will be assigned via the Support Page, also in the battle preparations. The reasoning behind this feature is that it allows for the support bonuses to be meaningful while not depending on stacking as many supports as possible per loadout. Instead, you’ll be able to plan your supports based off of your needs for the chapter.
  3. Growth Rates are now visible between battles in order to save the players the trouble to hack the game and/or go online in order to get these information. These numbers include the current class growths as well as the personal growths. As such, they will change slightly based off of your promotion choices for your units.
  4. You can now see some basic stats regarding your current unit in the overview, including Damage Dealt, Damage Taken and Enemies Defeated in battle.
  5. Skills are displayed in the bottom section of the overview with the personal skill as the first skill and the one or two class skills underneath it.

*This feature will be explained in further details once it will be implemented into the game, but if you have any questions about it, I’d be glad to answer them.

OST – Battle Preparations Theme

Mklachu sent me the first draft of the Battle Preparation Theme and I wanted to share it with you guys to gather feedback. It also felt natural to share it since I’m currently working on the Battle Preparations as well!

Keep in mind that this isn’t the final version of the track, so comments are welcome.

You can check out the first draft of the track here, on SoundCloud.

Make sure to check out her Facebook page,  Youtube channel and her TetriminoVGBand’s Youtube channel who did an awesome rendition of Ruins & Death by Glamour from Undertale.

If you can also let her know BlindCoco sent you, I’d be super thrilled!

Character Teaser

This update’s teaser is actually a sketch of Dogo, the Brigand.



As always, you can make sure to keep up with the game’s progress on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you all have a wonderful day,


Wicked Night turns one year old, Battle Preparations and Music

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