Good day everyone,

I just recorded my firstĀ unit movement test and I thought I’d show you in order to prove my progress.

What is doneĀ 

  • Unit movement/orientation with the direction in which it is headed.
  • Unit stats show up on hover
  • Selecting/Unselecting units is functional

What’s next?

  • Create the turn system
  • Allow a max movement
  • Create the terrain penalty system (for forest, sand, etc.)

The video quality is iffy, I’m still testing things out, but it will get better as the project progresses.

Still, I feel like I did some great progress so far. What do you think?


Moving Units Around Pt. 1

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One thought on “Moving Units Around Pt. 1

  1. I think this looks awesome! It’s rare I get to see a game in-development. I hope to play this one day :)

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