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This update was a pretty chunky one to create, which explains the delay. Hopefully it makes you as hyped as I am because the split promotion system is now fully functional and works across all three tiers of classes, which is the perfect opportunity to reveal the new changes made to the class tree, which is still undergoing massive modifications when it comes to the perks for each classes.

Split Promotions

As I was saying in the intro, the split promotion is fully functional. Every class can promote into two different units, with the exceptions of the 3 protagonists, Bjorn, Alia and Randolph, who have a fixed promotion and the Dancer/Bard, who have a higher level cap instead of a promotion.


Here is a quick summary of how promotions are handled in Wicked Night – Holy Knights :

  • Units promote automatically at level 21 (There will be a challenge mode that caps exp gains at lvl 20 for the players seeking a further challenge)
  • Items will allow any unit to promote at level 10 and up, but the promoted unit will still be considered as a lvl 21 unit in terms of exp gains or with level-related skills.
  • WExp gains will be thresholds, not direct bonuses, which means that a Pegasus Rider who had E in Lances will have D Rank on promotion, but a Pegasus Rider who had D in Lances will remain at D Rank. The threshold will change from class to class during balance changes. However, every class can achieve a single S rank in any of the available weapon type.
  • The 3D model of the unit in said class will be shown in the top-right corner of the promotion screen.

Further functions and attributes will be added to that core, but some will remain mysteries until they are built in… others will remain until the game comes out.



Updated Class Tree

The new class tree can be found in the Classes Page, which can also be found in the top menu. The Fighter, Magical and Flier trees are still being balanced, but they will be added to that page in the upcoming week.

I’ll also point out and discuss some of the most important changes done to these classes :

Archer Tree 

This tree was the target to the biggest changes so far.

The Hunter was renamed Strider and now has access to Knives as well as Bows to have an accurate weapon of choice to balance out their higher strength.

That change also affects the third tier, where Rangers now have Knives instead of Swords, giving them a niche as the only Knife wielding mounted class.

Woodsmen remain unchanged with Bows, Axes and Knives, but it gives some chances for the player to raise their Knives rank in Tier 2.

Pickpocket Tree

After a lot of changes to the Pickpicket class tree, I ended up with a useless Rogue class.  In earlier concepts, Pickpockets could only open locks with a lockpick, but that idea was scrapped, which meant the Rogue was basically a weaker, less versatile Assassin with less options. As such, the Rogue will now be able to Pilfer gold by attacking enemies. It will work once per enemy and give a small amount of gold, which will give a trade off for putting a weaker unit on your front line. They also have one extra move to get to chests faster than Whispers and Assassins, who have a bigger focus on combat.


Character Teaser

During the past month, I also posted a few updates directly on Facebook, including a teaser for this update and a reveal for two playable characters, in Walter and Armand. Make sure to like our page to keep up with our progress between official updates.

Last time, Dogo the Brigand was revealed as a sketch. Here’s the colored version, followed closely by this update’s character teaser, Maltroth, the Strider :



maltroth_teaser face


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Split Promotions & Updated Class Tree

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