Hello everyone, in the past few weeks, I’ve been working on reducing the load time between turns, adding forced units to chapter load outs and preparing a FAQ, where your questions can be added. 

Optimized Movements

I reviewed entirely how movement was calculated between each turns to save as much time. Here’s a quick explanation of what changed.


The left diagram shows how it was originally calculated : One tile at a time, I made a link between the tile and the unit and looked if the unit could make it to the tile based off of their movement range and potential movement penalties or obstacles in the way.

The right diagram is how I calculate it now : In a clockwise pattern, I create a link to the tile and the unit to verify if a unit can make it to the tile, just like before. However, if the unit can make it to tile 1, it also means that every tile in the link are also potential destinations that can be skipped for calculations.

Overall, this made the time between turns drop from 11 seconds to 5 seconds, which should help keep the pace of the game enjoyable. I’m certain there are still ways to optimize this, which I’ll try to explore as the development progresses.


Forced units

They were added to the barracks and vary based off of the chapter’s data.


The next step for the barracks is to add the page manager to access the other options from the barracks to access supports, base conversations, etc.



You might have noticed that I just added a FAQ page to this website.

I added a few basic questions, but if you have any more questions, you can always ask them by messaging me on Facebook or directly on the Reddit comments where I post this update.


Character Teaser

Last time, I revealed Juliet, the Elementalist. Today, Gwen, the Militia joins the team.

Juliet (2)

Gwen (1)


Thanks for your support,


Optimized movements, Forced units and FAQ

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