Hey everyone! In the past couple of days, I’ve been working on instantiating units with their weapons while preparing the database for effective damage. More on that below. 

Instantiating Units 


Selected units in the Barracks now get transported in the next map successfully. The option to actually place units on specific tiles is still being being worked on, so they are currently being placed in order of their identifiers in the potential spots on chapter load.

Doing this without a proper Weapon Database would mean that every unit spawns with no weapon (since the weapons from previous updates were custom made gameobjects on the scene, which can’t be instantiated without a proper database), which explains why the next feature that was created was… exactly that!


Weapon Database 


This is what weapons look like in Wicked Night when you look behind the scenes. This might be edited in the future, but, the way it’s set up right now, it allows to have a lot of different weapon options with as many values to edit in order to fine tune them when it comes to balance.


Effective Weaponry

You might have noticed that every value in the “effective” node is “1” and, taking this as a “true” in a boolean, think “Why is a Bronze Sword effective on every type of enemies?”. That’s because this is a multiplier, which allows more flexibility in terms of weapon variety. This also means that some multipliers can be negative.

For instance, most bows will have a x2 multiplier against Flying enemies, but a special Flier Killer Bow might have a x3 multiplier against Flying enemies at the cost of a x1/2 multiplier against foot units.

This is all still in the works, so any comment you make on that front will directly impact how I approach this, so share your thoughts.

As I was looking at different weapon types and class weaknesses, I noticed that the weakness killer with the shortest end of the stick was Armor. The classes with a Wyvern weakness were fewer, but they are usually more of a threat, so carrying a Wyvern Killer weapon would still be useful, while most armored units can be countered with Magic, so carrying an Armor Slaying weapon might prove unnecessary.

As such, the following classes now have the “armored” label : Militias (although it is lost if promoted to Soldier), Warriors (who, in Wicked Night, have greater armor and shields), Templars and Blackguards (who are both armored mages in design and stats).


Character Reveal

There is only a portrait reveal for Gwen the Militia today, but more characters are in the works, worry not!



Thanks for your ongoing support!


Instantiating Units, Weapon Database and Effective Weaponry Preparation

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