Hello everybody! In the past few days, I’ve been working on implementing effective damage, a new weakness/resistance, the first battle skill as well as some UI improvements. 

Effective Damage



Effective Damage is now implemented in the battle calculations. If you want to read more on the system, you can check out the previous update.

You can also notice in the weapon description that there are six weaknesses now, instead of five. I added “Magical” as a weakness/resistance, which allows for a Mage Killing Knife, or for some Tomes who are especially made to counter Magical units. That also means that some weaponry made to destroy Armors might not be effective against Magical units.

By the next update, I will find a way to make the weaknesses show in the Battle Preparation screen and in the UI when you hover on your units during a chapter to make it easier to know who is weak against what.


UI Fixes & WTA


Weapon Triangle Advantage is now visible in the Pre-Battle screen.

I also fixed an issue where unused Skill Icons/Warnings would still appear when unneeded.



Just like Weapons in the last update, I created the Skills database in a similar way.

There are multiple types of Skills, ranging from Auras, Healing, Triggers, On Contact, After Fights, etc. which will help differentiate each units in their niches.

The first skill that has been implemented is Inspire, which grants 10% hit/avoid to every allied units within 3 tiles (excluding himself). On the player side, it is learned by Bjorn. On the enemy side, it is learned by some small squad leaders and some bosses.

I have a question for  you players : Some Skills are HP% dependant, such as Wrath or Sturdy. Should their bonuses be applied mid-combat or should I wait until the next fight to give the critical/defense bonus? On one hand, it makes them stronger, but, on the other, it makes them easier to manage on enemy units.


Character Teaser

Last week, there was no teaser, but this week, you still get to meet Daudi, the Raider as well as Margo, the Griffon Knight.




Until next time,


Effective Damage, New Unit Type, Battle Skills and More

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