Hello everyone!

This update will showcase Healing Staves, Effective Weaponry Warnings, small bug fixes and an explanation about future game development updates.

Healing Staves

Healing Staves are now fully functional! You can see for yourselves in the following video. (I finally fixed the lighting issue which prevented me from taking clean videos while testing in-editor)


Things to note about staves in WNHK :

  • Staves use the Mind stat to calculate the amount of healing done.
  • Staves can deal critical heals for double healing. The formula for critical heals factors in Staffer’s Skill and Luck as well as the Target’s Fortitude. Note that critical heals also grants double experience points for the healer.
  • Experience Gains for staves is divided by 2 for Tier 2 units and divided by 3 for Tier 3 units.
  • Healing Staves can’t miss. Hit Rate is present for staves who target enemies.


Knives Efficiency/Balance

After doing some calculations about potential damage outputs by some units, I noticed Knives had a way too big damage output in Classes with high a Strength stat due to their additional hit on their first combat phase. [You can see every playable class here]

The biggest issue here was the Barbarian, who had a 37 base attack with a Bronze Dagger (which could potentially deal 111 damage on a theoretical test dummy with 0 def who gets doubled) when compared to a 43 base attack with a Bronze Axe (which led to 86 total damage on the same test dummy). This means Axes should have 21 Might in order to match the raw power of a Bronze Dagger’s 2 Might.

As such, we’ll be balancing Knives the same way Bows are buffed : by giving them a default weakness. Every Knife will now be inefficient against Armored classes by default, which aims to avoid a potential weapon that can be used in every situation. Every weapon has a purpose and a potential counter.

They might be rebalanced later down the line as we test characters and map layouts, but that’s the state in which they’ll start.


Weakness Warnings


When a player selects a unit to move, enemies now have a warning sign over their head if they hold a weapon effective against your unit. There isn’t any symbol when your unit resists their weapons to prevent cluttering the screen needlessly.

I am considering putting a warning on enemies holding weapons with higher Critical Hit bonuses since these can surprise unprepared players. In future updates, the warning sign might be in another color, or even smaller? What do you guys think?


Issues Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where WExp requirements weren’t checked when adding “Attack” as an option in the menu. Selecting “Attack” when no weapon could be used resulted in a game freeze. No more!
  • Fixed a bug where, sometimes, leveling up froze the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Allied Militias didn’t have an Armor weakness.
  • Enemies no longer have hardcoded weaponry. They now look into the database like Allied Units.


Future Updates

As the game develops, we are entering a period where we work on spoiler heavy content in parallel with the unspoilery core mechanics of the game, which I can showcase in these updates.

As such, Game Development Updates will now be recurring monthly instead of every other week (or sometimes every three weeks) to ensure that I always have something worth sharing in these updates. Know that I will still post smaller updates and teaser on our official Facebook page where you can also find the base stats and growths for characters days after they are teased in Game Dev Updates (Note that these are subject to change, but you still get an idea of what each character’s niche is).

However, progress is being made in aspects which cannot be shown in these updates due to spolery reasons : 33 pages of scenario have now been written, which includes information on map layouts, chapter triggers and events and in-game dialog, 39 of the 66 playable characters have some concept arts, as well as rough drafts for 5 tracks of the OST.


That’s all for today!

Next update will feature a new character. See you then!


Healing Staves, Effectiveness Warnings, Bug Fixes and Future Updates

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