I’ve been all over the place fixing and improving things in various aspects of the game, so bear with me as I try to make this a concise post to read through. The big focus of this update is Trading, Constitution Changes, Quality of Life Improvements and Bugfixes. 



This is the current interface for trading. It will get polished in future version, both aesthetically and functionally to add in a cursor and the usage counter on items and staves.  It also needs a visual feedback when it’s possible to cycle through allies to trade with. It’s all a work in progress!

Constitution Changes

After a few tests, I noticed a Str/Mag-based Weight system was being completely useless after level 10, so I opted for the traditional Constitution system, which also ties in to the whole Rescue/Shove mechanic as well, so I’ll elaborate a bit on that too along the way.

Constitution will be able to be buffed in multiple ways in WNHK. Equippable Items will allow to temporarily boost Constitution, for instance. There will also be an Attack Speed bonus linked to Weapon Rank as well as other variables to allow lower Con units to wield heavier weapons in a pinch.

Each class has a base Con, which is then modified by each unit’s unique modifier. Aid depends on the type of class the unit is in.

  • Most foot units’ Aid is equal to “Con – 2″
  • Rogues and frail Mages’ Aid is equal to “Con – 3″
  • Armor Knights’ Aid is equal to their Con.
  • Fighters and Brigands’ Aid is equal to “Con +2″
  • Cavalier, Pegasus, Wyvern and Manticore Riders’ Aid is equal to “30 – Con”
  • Griffin Riders’ Aid is equal to  “35 – Con”

Fixes and Improvements


Since there are quite a few, here is a list of all the improvements and fixes I’ve done throughout the past weeks.

  • Knives now show their added attack in the battle preparation screen distinctly from the regular dual strike icon
  • Enemy reinforcements’ weapons do not cause a freeze
  • Weapon stat modifiers are taken into account when weapons are loaded from the database
  • Enemies now have the same potential skills as player units
  • Fixed an issue where any allied unit’s death would cause a game over screen
  • Druid has been renamed to Cultist in order to better reflect the Dark nature of the class instead of the more Elemental nature of the typical Druid
  • Fixed issue where WTA was applied twice on counter attacks

Character Teaser

Last update featured Linus, the Fighter. Here is the fully colored version. We’re working on another character named Dolores for the next update. Stay tuned!


Until next time,


Trading, Constitution Changes, Quality of Life Improvements and Bugfixes

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