Since I am currently working on the story, but I still wanted to keep you posted on my progress, I’ll be discussing two features that will be implemented soon : Rescue and Merchants. 



Ever since Pair up was introduced to Fire Emblem, I’ve been debating whether or not to implement any form of rescuing or pairing up in Wicked Night. I finally opted on adding a Rescue system, reminiscent of the GBA era with some small twists. Here’s a list of the quirks and features the system has.

  • Rescue works with Con/Aid. If User’s Aid is higher or equal to Target’s Con, they can rescue the target.
  • Mounted units can NOT be rescued at all.
  • Stat penalties are given to the User who is rescuing another unit depending on the difference between Unit’s Aid vs Target’s Con.
  • Passive Aura Skills from Rescued Units will NOT be active.

The reason behind those rules are a mixture of gameplay reasons as well as logical reasons. Mounts already have the mobility advantage, so having them easily ferried across the map by other mounts feels out of place. Similarly, it fixes the issues of a pegasus ferrying a horse across a mountain.




After discussing with a bunch of people about In-Chapter Shops or In-Prep Shops, I ended up opting for potential Merchants in the Battle Preparation. However, these merchants will not be available every chapter and their stocks will change from chapter to chapter (I might make sure some E rank weapons are always available in case of some class promotions).

I’ll also try my best so merchants are actually characters who you see at coherent places, with their lines of dialogue hinting at things to come, as well as suggesting what the player should buy depending on the upcoming chapter.


Bugfixes & Upgrades

Not really Dogo’s growths


  • Fixed a freeze which happened when you could shove someone
  • Fixed an issue where enemy units’ cap for Mnd and Ftd didn’t show up in the HUD
  • Given how some units’ growths could go above 100% depending on which class they chose, growths over 100% are now supported. They guarantee a stat up and then rolls for a potential second stat up. Visually they cap at 120%, but they can technically be infinite.
  • Can’t trade between Items and Weapons anymore, which could break the other functionalities.

Character Teaser

Since last upgrade was teaser-less, here’s a full reveal of Dolores, the Knight, as well as a teaser of Williams, the Militia.



Until next time,


Rescue, Merchants and Bugfixes

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