After taking a lot of feedback into consideration, we decided to update our Weapon Triangle Bonuses to be more useful. We also tried to reduce the implication of RNG in the Elite skills from the class trees.  

New Weapon Triangle Bonuses

In the older version of the system, Weapon Triangle Advantage Bonuses were the same across all weapon types. But in Wicked Night, the goal was to make every weapon type feel different, both for the physical and magical weapons.


This is why having the weapon triangle advantage will grant a base 10% hit/avo as well as the following bonuses :

Sword/Light : +10% avo – Since Axes and Dark Magic are strong and less accurate, giving them more avoid means that they’ll reliably be able to dodge incoming attacks.
Lance/Elemental : +2 Res/Def – Since Sword and Light Magic are more accurate, and less powerful, granting avoid would not allow the users to reliably dodge. However, given how most Lance units are balanced or defensively based, while Elemental Magic users are usually well off in terms of Resistance, granting them a defensive boost means that they’ll be able to take those enemies head on.
Axe/Dark : +4 Str/Mag – Since Lance/Elemental users are usually bulkier, it’s only natural to turn Axe and Dark Magic users into wall breakers by granting them some more power.

These changes might change in numbers to balance it out, but the core concept is there to stay. It gives some more flexibility to plan out encounters during chapters, not to mention that having some of these Bonuses might give some incentive for characters to try spreading their weapon experience in multiple weapon types.

These changes also mean that a class who completely controls the weapon triangle would be a good idea to explore with, which is the perfect segway into the next part of the update…

Class Changes

Any change mentioned on this segment can be seen in the class tree page. I’ll also be going over these changes from top to bottom, so you might want to open up a new tab and follow along. Good? Good! I’ll be ignoring similar skills though to prevent an bigger wall of text than necessary.

The general idea of this rebalance was, while still including some cap rebalances and weapon availability changes, to remove the RNG as much as possible from the equation when it came to Elite classes. This makes skills less flashy, but more reliable and useful. It also means that any tool the player has on their elite classes, enemies can also use against them.

Defenders are the first classes where the trigger rate was removed completely, instead sporting a Player Phase Action (PPA) Skill. PPA Skills are used instead of attack, but also have a drawback. Using Smite will now transfer a part of the Defense stat to the next attack. The user will only have it back on the next Player Phase. Can potentially be used it twice if the unit is refreshed, but that also means a -50% Def penalty for the enemy phase.

Generals now have an defensive bonus when attacking, making them great front line units to initiate fights with. To give a throwback to the DS era, as well as making Generals great Marksmen counters, they now have access to bows as well as Lances and Axes.

Lancers now ignore half of the Target’s Def when initiating a battle, which makes them great threats to walls, but very frail. If this is too strong (which it might be, coupled with their high doubling potential due to high speed), it might be altered.

Assassins are now less RNG-reliant. In FE, Assassins are best used while attacking Full HP units and hoping to trigger Lethality, which means that, on the flip of a coin, your assassin can either be unscathed or hurt pretty badly. Now they are more reliable cleanup units.

Veterans now have access to the full Physical Weapon Triangle and now doubles the Weapon Triangle Bonuses, which means that Axes now deal +8 damage when used against lances as a Veteran. With small inventory slots (3 weapons, 3 items), this means that Veterans will either specialize into a certain weapon type to make the most of the situations where they can get the advantage or try to get a more balanced coverage, but possibly missing out on niche weaponry like Armorslaying weapons or 1-2 range.

Outlaws can now intimidate their targets more reliably, but it can only happen during Player Phase, while their HP is full. They also need to be stronger than their opponents to successfully intimidate them. While this can be very useful in situations where a healer is nearby, it can also be ignored by the Safeguard skill, which is given to all 3 Main Characters and to some Enemy Bosses. It also serves to make Outlaws important targets to take out, or at least damage during your turn.

Illusionists are the first units to have access to the Empower line of skills. Beforehand, these skills were always worth it as it only added damage. Now, if the Mag stat is a lot lower than the Str stat, it might prove to be a hindrance more than anything. It also targets Res, so it makes some Physical units efficient against Tankier units. Overall, this version of the skill seems the most fun to play around with.

That said, I am very receptive to feedback when it comes to skill and stat balances, so don’t hesitate to speak up if some classes look cheap or over/underpowered.


By the next update, we’ll polish the Rescue mechanics as well as the Status effect mechanics, which should be pretty interesting!


Character Teaser 

This update’s character teaser is Cecilia, the Lance Squire.

If you have any questions or comments on the project, you can head over to our Facebook page or on Reddit!
Thanks a lot for your feedback during development,


Revamped Weapon Triangle and Reworked Skills and Class balance

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