Hello everyone, it’s been a few months since our last update, which is due to us working on some class designs, story elements and other stuff I can’t share with you yet. However, since it’s currently our second anniversary of development, I felt like sharing some progress on some of the elements I can share: the battle preparation rework and some fixes and tweaks to the gameplay.

Battle Preparation 

Battle Preparation – Select (Click to enlarge)


While this is still a work in progress, I wanted to share the new Battle Preparation screen in its current state to gather feedback. This new version allows to share more fun stats, support bonuses, etc. as well as a cleaner UI for elements that were already existing in the previous draft.

Supports and Conversations will only be that way when new elements will be available, which leads me to the following screen.

Battle Preparation – Conversations (Click to enlarge)


Supports and Base Conversations will be available on the same screen and show requirements and rewards.

Simple exclamation marks (!) will be for conversations who are new to the current playthrough while triple exclamation marks (!!!) will be on conversations who have never been seen in any playthroughs. Base Conversation rewards will be marked as ??? until you have seen the conversation at least once in any given playthrough, where it will actually show the rewards.

The goal here was to make a unique hub for all the potential conversations between a chapter and leave the Supports page with the sole purpose of managing support bonuses, given how every unit can only be supported by three unit at any given time. However there is no limit for the amount of support conversations barring the unique S-rank support.

Finally, the last page that will be shared today is the Map screen for the battle preparation where you’ll be able to witness the scope of my current drawing abilities.

Battle Preparation – View Map (Click to enlarge)


In typical T-RPG fashion, you’ll be able to move units around the battlefield. However, the battle preparation map will only feature the information available to the protagonists through scouting reports and the likes, which means that this screen will be more like a medieval map with drawings and pawns than an actual preview of the following map.

This does mean that some reports could be false, or that enemies could potentially be hiding from spies and so on. That said, I’ll try to keep these surprises fair and enjoyable throughout the story. The grid size will always be accurate and allied unit placement will always be accurate to make sure that this doesn’t feel like a cheap way to enhance the difficulty.

Note that Bonus Experience Requirements are also available. These requirements might also be tied to some unit recruitment requirements as well. Hint hint.


Experience Gains & Battle Calculations

In the last versions of the project, experience could only be gained through the player phase, which has been fixed. Also, I adjusted experience gain where a maximum of 1 exp can be gained if your units miss or if they don’t do any damage with their attacks. (This does raise to 2 exp with the help of the Mentor Skill since it adds 50% to the exp gained and it is rounded up)

Enemy Phase Battle Calculations were all over the place due to some mistakes on my part with the coding, but now archers do deal effective damage against fliers and weapon triangle is taken into account properly.


This development update will not feature a character teaser, but do know that we are currently working on redesigning Alia (her old art can be found here). The best way to make sure you see her rework as soon as possible is by following the project on Facebook.

Thanks again for the ongoing support, I’ll do my best to share more of the details with you guys in the following weeks,

Battle Preparation Screen Rework, Experience Gain and Battle Calculation Fixes

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