Hello everyone! We started designing classes and are looking into revamping the in-game visuals to allow a manageable workload for our current team. We also designed another screen from the Battle Preparation interface. 

Class Designs

To better represent what I had in mind for classes and to make each and every one of them distinct, I started taking drawing classes and started doodling class designs. Here are the first two, Sellswords and Archers, both in their default male and female variants.

sellswords archers

The goal with these designs is to make sure both variants of the class has their own flair and uniqueness to it while still keeping some similar elements to make them identifiable quickly during battle.

I will probably reveal all the Base Classes, as well as some Advanced classes in development updates. I just want to preserve some of the excitement when promoting units for players in-game while still showing off some staple classes.

Let me know if you like these designs and if you’d like to see some more!



trade2While a big chunk of it is still the same from the previous screens from the previous screens, I felt like this one was pretty neat to share to ask for feedback on clarity as well as some insight on class effectiveness icons (Infantry, Wyvern, Armor, Horse, Pegasus and Magic).

Also if you select an empty spot from the first inventory, you’ll have “Take” as an option instead of “Store”.

If there are any more info or features you’d like to see on this screen, let me know!


Visual Changes

We talked a lot between us and we’ve come to the conclusion that with our current numbers, it would be near impossible to build 3d models in time for any reasonable release. As such, we’re exploring some kind of hybrid between 2D animations on planes set in a 3D world.



This is a very early test with what is basically just a colored A-Pose. By next update, I’ll try to have a working prototype with animations and a minimum of shading to make it fit better in the environment.

We’re still working on Alia’s revamp, so it will have to wait a bit more. Hang tight!


Class Designs, Inventories & Possible Visual Changes

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