Hello people!

It’s been a while since the last Game Development Update, but a ton of work has been done on the roster, which I’ll be able to show today as well as some more technical stuff on the battle systems.

Read more on that below if that tickles your fancy.

So you designed a new character… what about it? 

Actually, I designed 4 new characters and revamped 2 characters you might be familiar about. Thanks for asking!

Without further ado, here are the characters in question:  Tristan, LavanyaIsabel, Yvain, Vera and Clayton. Be sure to let us know who is your favorite so far!



The goal here is to focus on the playable characters in Part 1, which should consists of a 17-character roster. Ideally, I’d be able to finish the roster by the end of December.

That said! Make sure to follow BlindCoco Studios on Twitter or Wicked Night on Facebook to stay up to date with the roster as more characters are designed. These 6 characters also have their portrait-sized art posted as well which isn’t restrained to these fancy diamonds.

I’m currently working on an Archer named Aubrey as well as a new visual style for the chapters themselves, which will require some feedback to make sure the game looks as crisp as possible!


And about the technical stuff about the battle system?

I ran some numbers and weapon effectiveness as a Multiplier is either useless or overpowered in some instances.

For example, attacking an armored unit with an effective weapon felt weak in some cases due to their huge defense. On the other hand, attacking a mage completely destroyed it in one hit without fail.

That said, the new system will work with Modifiers instead, using only the highest applicable modifier while prioritizing any effective damage over resistances.

For example : Attacking a Templar, who is a Foot, Armored and Magical unit with a weapon dealing -5 damage to Armored enemies, but +2 damage to Magical enemies will deal +2 damage per hit to the Templar.

I feel like this change is something that will improve the reliability of effective weapons without resulting in some insane spikes in damage.


Character reve- Oh… you revealed 6 characters already. Fine I get it…


I hope you are as happy as I am with the way the roster is evolving!

Roster Progress, Tweaks to Effective Weaponry and Staying Up To Date With Wicked Night

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