I’ve been planning a ton of small tweaks to the systems in the past few weeks to go with the new map builder. Six other characters also got their designs (or revamps) since the last update, so let’s get to it!

About those tweaks!

1. Inventory Tweaks

After a long bit of consideration, I’ll be upgrading the inventories from 3 weapons and 3 items to 5 weapons and 5 items.

The reasoning behind the low inventory space was to force the player to plan ahead and bring the appropriate weapon at the appropriate time, but what would most likely happen is that players would bring the most convenient weapon at all times, which will likely be the highest Mt weapon with no drawbacks.

A similar problem would arise from staves (which are stored in the items inventory), where only basic healing staves would be kept in healers’ inventories instead of the interactive niche ones.

This change also means an upcoming HUD revamp, so stay tuned!


2. Skill Tweaks

Skills that can trigger mid-battle will be tweaked to only activate when a battle starts.

The reasoning behind those mid-battle tweaks was to allow Wrath and similar skills to be more reliable, but it conflicted with other skills.

E.g.: If a unit’s skill boosted their Avoid, it could trigger another skill which only triggered when their Hit Rate was low and it could get confusing.

To make this fair, with the exception of Counter, Skills will be only checked before battle.


About the Map Builder

I’m currently working on the system which will create map files in a separate Unity Project as well as the system which reads those files during runtime.

This tool will evolve in to the WNBuilder which will be available shortly after WN’s launch to create T-RPG campaigns and share them online.

Consider this the first official teaser. More on it next GDU!


Character reveals! 

Just like last time, here are Six characters who will be playable during Part 1 of WNHK : Bjorn, Isaac, Aubrey, Clara, Sahara and Malcolm!

Most of these are revamps of characters who were revealed here previously, so don’t hesitate to share your opinion on their new looks!



With these characters done, I narrowingly missed my deadline for the Part 1 Roster with 4 characters left.

You can follow BlindCoco Studios on Twitter or Wicked Night on Facebook to stay up to date with the roster and make sure to be among the firsts to see them!

Happy Holidays! I wish you all the best,

Battle Tweaks, Map Builder Progress & Roster Progress

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