Since the last Game Dev Update, I worked on the Map Loader, laid out the list of features for the Map Builder and designed two more playable characters! Keep reading for more info if this tickles your fancy!


Let’s start with the Map Loader!

I started backwards on this one by creating the XML files manually and creating the Map Loader first.

Each map will have 3 XML files, the Tiles, the Units and the Events.

Once everything is loaded, it looks a bit like this (with a ton of placeholdery stuff, sorry about that!).


So, how do we build this? 

As I said previously, you’ll be able to build every map in three phases.


During the Tiles Phase, you’ll be able to select a height/width for your map, which will then create a grid of Plain tiles. You’ll then be able to select a tile type, a visual variation and alter the terrain stats from a small form in order to “paint” on the map to affect the tiles of your choosing.

The tiles Phase will include basic doors, but not chests and lever activated doors.

Once your terrain is all set up, you’ll be able to move on to the Units phase.


During the Units Phase, you’ll be able to place deployment slots for player units as well as hardcoded unit placements for allies and enemies. The form will allow you to choose from the different AI types, stats, classes, etc.


This part is probably the most fun to develop as a map designer, but the hardest to implement in a user friendly way.

During the Events Phase, every map specific interaction will be decided. Villages, Chests, Reinforcements, etc.

After the three Phases

Once you’re done building your map, you’ll be able to reorder your maps as you see fit to create a fully fledged campaign and share it with the world!

Be sure to let me know if there are any functionality you’d like to have which could help create the best builder for designers.

Character Reveals

I know I said I would focus on playable units from Part 1, but I had a really cool idea for Kim, who’ll be playable a bit later on in the game. Denault is a playable unit from Part 1 though!

So here they are, Kim the Myrmidon (Tier 2 Wanderer) and Denault, the Wyvern Rider (Tier 1).



I hope you’re looking forward to that Map Builder!

Map Loader, Map Building Functionalities & More Characters!

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