Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since the last development update, so here I am, ready to unveil the latest developments on WNHK.

Last time, I shared my plan for the Map Builder. Today, I want to share my progress on that front as well as some changes I made to the battle engine. I also made a ton of progress on character designs, who will be shown at the end of the update.

Map Builder : Tiles Phase


As you can see, you can currently generate a blank map and add forests and forts to it by selecting them on the drop down menu.

It’s fairly simple for now, but it will grow alongside my needs for the actual story mode for WNHK to eventually become a fully fledged level editor for you all. If you have any requests or suggestions, make sure to share them so I can include them in the final version.


The system to load the maps in the game engine is also functional. I had to tweak quite a lot of things to make sure the collisions, movement penalties and the likes worked correctly with the map loader.

Note :  The sprites are still very much placeholders. Later on, I’ll make some tests with sprites as well as hand drawn characters to see what looks better for the final product.
Note 2 : Clara won’t be able to equip the Sealed Fenrir, that’s just a placeholder HUD picture. Sorry folks!

Battle Engine Tweaks

Preferred Weapons (Prfs)

Prfs are being integrated to the engine. You have to make sure that Chrom gets his Rapier that he usually starts out with in a lot of Fire Emblem games.

Just like in most Fire Emblem games, most of the Prfs will be locked to a specific character, but others will be locked behind a specific condition. Such is the case of the Sealed Fenrir, Bjorn’s starting weapon, which can be wielded by any axe-wielding ally from the Frost Isles. Sealed Fenrir isn’t limited to Frosterners who start in an axe wielding class, so experiment with different promotion paths as you discover some characters’ lineage.

Variations of the Sealed Fenrir (WIP)

The Sealed Fenrir will be effective against Dragons and Beasts, which leads us to the next subject, Effective Damage.

Effective Damage

Last time I mentioned effective damage, I decided to go with Modifiers over Multipliers. This is still the case, but I will now favor the highest modifier, regardless of if it’s a bonus or a penalty.

For instance, if you have a dagger with -5 damage to armored foes, but +2 damage to mage wielders, the 5 damage penalty will be in effect.

The only case where the bonus will be favored over the penalty is in the case of a tie.


So… what’s next? 

On the very short term, a lot of code clean up. I learned a lot throughout WNHK’s development and I want to make sure that the game engine is as solid as I can make it to be before I get too deep in the actual map design in the engine.

However, I am very close to having something actually playable. Once I add the Event system in the Map Builder, I’ll be able to make a fully playable chapter, which is a great step forward.

For now, I shall leave you with some character reveals that I managed to sneak in recently with a reminder that you can follow BlindCoco Studios on Twitter or Wicked Night on Facebook to stay up to date with any news regarding the project.

Character Reveals

Here are the character reveals for today. From left to right :  Nailah, the Wyvern Rider, Vincenti, the Wanderer (who were redesigned from previous reveals) and Elizabeth, the Pegasus Rider (who is making her first appearance today).

As well as Hades, the Shaman,  Liam, the Sellsword and Lucretia, the Scholar.



I hope you’re all still looking forward to upcoming updates!

Long overdue update on the Map Builder, Game Engine Tweaks and the Roster

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