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I’ve been working on units attack range lately. The system will vary a bit from the regular weapon range used in my first source of inspiration, Fire Emblem, to balance the weapons a bit more. I’ll explain the differences in the following article.

In the video below, you’ll see some tests I recently made concerning my attack range. Here are the various weapon ranges and their attributes.

Single range weapons
Nothing really changed about them when it comes to range from my inspiration source. It’s the basic form of combat.

1-2 range weapons (spears, tomes, magical weapons, throwing axes, etc.)
To balance 1-2 range weapons versus bows and single range weapons. The added range will come at a cost. You will be less likely to hit the attack and will have a predetermined damage penalty. Meaning that if you want to deal maximum damage, you will have to come up close and personal.

2-3 range weapons (bows)
Similarly to the 1-2 range weapons, bows will have an accuracy penalty when it comes to their 3rd range. However, they will have no damage penalty upon firing at max range.

5-10 range weapons (ballistas and long range tomes)
Ballistas will be fixed and will be unable to move (and only usable by unmounted classes from the archer class tree), whereas long range tomes will be mobile. However, the further the target is from the user, the lower the hit chance of the attack.

Marksman bonus
Marksmen will have no damage penalty and will have another range added to any bow they wield. The accuracy penalty will only be applied to their added (4) range. This may be modified when we are at the class balancing phase.


Note : There will be no longbows with added range, the only way for an archer to gain attack range is to promote into a marksman.


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Attack Range

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