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Today, I’m bringing you the first step of the construction of the battle system from my project. I’ll discuss the mechanics a little bit in this article.

In the video below, you’ll have a look at the first step towards a complete battle system.

Battle Overview

This is where you’ll see the possible outcome of a battle. You will have a sense of what could happen, with the damage dealt, the hit chance, the critical hit chance as well as the amount of hits your character will do. Note that weapon weight will affect your attack speed and will be offset by a character’s Strength stat. Also, Knives will always deal an extra hit on their first attack, allowing up to three attacks per fight. On this screen, you’ll be able to scroll through opponents by pressing up and down and scroll through the weapons in appropriate combat range by pressing left and right.

Unit’s Aggressiveness┬á

If you looked around in the video, you could notice that, when selecting an enemy, you could see their portrait and stats in the lower left side of the screen. There was a Passive and Reactive label on those two units; this will affect their behavior in combat.

The multiple states (Name and AI are prone to change) are :

  • Aggressive : The unit will advance and target units until death.
  • Reactive : The unit will only attack units who are in move/attack┬árange.
  • Passive : The unit will only attack units who are in attack range, while staying in place.

Next time, I’ll dive into the actual Random Number Generator and work on the actual outcome of a fight.

As per usual, stay awesome,

Battle Calculations – Step 1

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