Good day everyone,

I just finished installing the Pathfinding tool as well as the basic cursor movement, which I will talk about in this blog post.


The basic obstacle detector is installed and fully functional. The movement itself isn’t done yet since I needed a cursor first, but the path Gizmo appears, just like in the following screenshot.


Cursor Movement

The basic cursor movement has been implemented along with the HUD’s first interactivity feature. When the cursor is above a unit, their data will  be displayed on the bottom left corner of the screen, whereas the terrain data will be displayed in the top left corner. Of course, Ike is just a placeholder!


Controller Compatibility

The game will also be playable with a controller. The one I’m currently testing with is an Xbox 360 USB cabled controller. If you have another type of controller and would be willing to test the game in due time, please do tell me. I’d like to see if I can accommodate other controller types.


This is it for my first status update!

Tell me of the format you’d like these posts to take. Do you prefer some bullet point lists? Some in-depth explanations or simply the results?

Have a great day folks!


Pathfinding, Cursor and Controllers

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