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This post is about the newly established enemy AI, the beginning of the art phase as well as some miscellaneous upgrades here and there. Stay tuned!

In today’s video, you’ll be able to see the current upgrades to the base combat system.

Enemy AI

This part was by far the most challenging part of WNHK so far as it took me about two weeks to get the basic AI in place. Some advanced parts of the algorithm isn’t even in place yet, but here are some points that are taken into account in the current decision making algorithm as well as some features that will be added for certain.

Currently Implemented

  • Weapon Type (Mag/Phy) versus Res/Def
  • Possible terrain to protect himself
  • Possibility of a counter attack from target
    • Which also takes into account the power of the counter attack
  • Weapon Efficiency (Ex: Bows vs Fliers)

Will be Implemented

  • Weapon triangle advantage
  • AI-related skills (Ex: Stealth and Provoke)
  • Kill blow priority


I have currently an artist working on the portraits. You can see Berg’s in-game portrait in the video, but I will also show you six more concept arts for characters.

Why don’t you try and guess their classes and role in the army in the comments?


Here are a list of little details/features I added in the last couple of weeks.

  • Unit circles around every unit to show on which side of the battle they are as well as if they have finished their turn or not.
  • Small checkup before counterattacking, I forgot to check if the unit died from the initial blow before doing a counter attack… Oops!
  • Turn system. The turn system loops perfectly between enemy and allied phases. The turn count is implemented as well, but not in the interface yet.


What can we expect in the next update?

I’ll try and do the win and lose conditions, which will be an important feature in the game. It will also lead to another system that I will explain next time! Stay tuned!

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Enemy AI, Portrait and Misc

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