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Even through all the Fire Emblem : Fates hype going on about, I still managed to get some work done regarding Wicked Night : Holy Knights.

The parts of the game which were affected are the unit movement phase and the victory conditions.

Attack Range

Since it got tricky moving around units with longer weapon ranges sometimes, I figured there had to have a good way to show visually what the unit’s attack range is. So I calculated the attack range on the go as we prepared the movement tiles. As you can see, it works wonders!


Victory Conditions

Since I started playing Fire Emblem, I always liked the various victory conditions throughout the story.

These are the victory conditions currently planned for my project, which may be expanded upon :

  • Survive : Your important characters must survive for a set amount of turns.
  • Defend : A tile must be protected for a set amount of turns.
  • Escort : An allied unit must reach a predetermined tile unharmed.
  • Seize : Main character must reach a predetermined tile.
  • Defeat Target : Specific target must be defeated.

Those are of course supported with the traditional Rout all enemies and other variations of previously said conditions.

This being said, some chapters will have multiple win conditions which may or may not result in alternate following chapters. Here is a sneak peak of the victory condition display in the top-right corner.




As per usual, here are a few mechanics I worked on which affect the gameplay slightly, but does not deserve an entire spotlight on their own.

  • Bridges : I found a way to create bridges which add a walkable tile to the preset map.
    • They ARE dynamically enabled/disabled and WILL be an important component in some later maps.
    • The same mechanic can be used to open doors, close gates and affect terrain.
  • Exp formula : I just implemented the exp gaining formula which takes multiple components into account.
    • Level : If a unit’s level is lower than the target’s level, they will gain more exp.
    • Damage dealt : If you dealt zero damage, the exp gains will always be 1.
    • Skill activations : If you proc’d an active skill, exp gains will be slightly increased.
    • Death : If the target is dead, you will gain 3 times the amount of exp from a regular hit.
      • Boss : If the defeated unit is a boss, you will gain an extra 40 exp which is added after the multiplication.
    • Etc. It’s pretty complicated/boring stuff really.


Last Update’s Characters

Most of you made clever guesses regarding the characters’ classes.

Their small bio/intro are now available in the Characters page. (I will create a more interactive page once I will have more characters up there)


The next step is to create the main/preparation/load/save menu which will allow to create links between the chapters in order to have multiple playable maps and save files.

Thanks for your support folks,


Victory Conditions and Visible Attack Range

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